Poor leadership has had a significant impact on supply chain issues we are currently facing.

Supply chain leadership has failed in a range of issues within the supply chain, ultimately affecting the organization's profitability, reputation, and ability to compete in the market. It is essential for leaders to prioritize effective communication, strategic planning, risk management, transparency, supplier relationships, and investment in the supply chain.

The logistics industry likes to think that it has a labor shortage, but it really has a people problem. The management was so poor when I worked at the large multinational information technology company and the favoritism and nepotism were more prominent; I had no choice but to seek employment elsewhere and unlearn all the bad habits that make supply chain and logistics such an awful place to work. My managers in logistics all had one thing in common, the characteristics listed below.

Why do you think we are having such awful supply chain issues?  

It’s poorly executed supply chain management and the leadership in logistics who are unwilling to embrace change. The supply chain issues will continue for years, but this time they won’t be able to use the excuse of a Covid pandemic for their poor performance.